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40kVA Cummins Diesel Generator Set(27.5kVA-1675kVA) ( BCX40)

Product Abstract:

40kVA Cummins Diesel Generator: Prime Power 30kW/38kVA;
Standby Power 33kW/40kVA;
Engine model: 4BT3.9-G2;
Fuel cons.100%(L/H): 7.5 ;
Cyl. arrangement: 4L;
Intake type: Turbocharged;
Bore x Stroke(mm):102x120;
Type of governor: Electronic governor;
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz;
Rated speed: 1500/1800rpm;
Phase/Wires: 3 phase 4 wires;
Displacement(L): 3.9 ;
Dimension(mm): 1720x820x1400;
Weight(kg): 1080;
Alternator: Stamford, Marathon, Leroy Somer, Faraday, Engga;
Automatic controller: Deep Sea and Hassan.

Product Description:

Genset Model: BCX40
Prime power(kw/kva): 30/38;  standby power(kw/kva): 33/40
Technical Specification for Standard Gen Set:
Gen-set adopt 3 phases& 4 lines output, with output 400V/230V, Frequency 50Hz/60Hz, Power factor 0.8, Neutral point to earth and protective performance complies with NEMA1 and IP22 standard.

Original: China
Engine Brand: Cummins
Alternator brand: Leroysomer, Marathon, Stamford, Faraday, Engga
Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
Certification: ISO, CE, TL,
Power Factor: COSΦ =0.8(lagging)
Phase/Wires: 3 phase 4 wires
Aspiration: Turbocharged / Air-air inter-cooling
Start mode: DC24V electric start
Fuel: 0# light diesel
Frequency fluctuation: ≤ ± 0.5 %
Voltage distortion: <4%
Protection: IP23
Voltage control: AVR

Power Factor: 0.8(lagging)
Protection Standard: IP21-IP23
Model of Connection: 3 phase 4 lines
Insulation Grade: H
Frequency Drop(%): ≤ 0.5
Transient state frequency deviation(%): (advertised power) +10~-7
Frequency Recovery Time(S): ≤ 3
Voltage Recovery Time(S): ≤ 4
Waveform Distortion(%): ≤ 5

High fuel efficiency: Fewer fuel consumption at leading level than other competitive products.
The turbocharger with waste gated design: Optimizes operation across the torque curve resulting in excellent low-end torque.
Compacted yet durable and dependable engine: Cummins engines contain up to 40% fewer parts than competitive engines in its class. This results in a better power-to-weight ration, a less chance of failure and lower repair cost.
Advanced design and manufacturing: Make the engine delivers superior performance and lower cost than competitive engines.
Excellent cold start performance: Optional assistant cold starter with improved 6.6KW starter and intake air heater.
Excellent performance and advantage: Adopt advanced design to achieve higher horsepower and lower weight.

Features of BS-Cummins diesel generator set:
Compact structure, reliability, good performance, a world famous brand
Type: Open type/silent type
Engine: Cummins (USA), DCEC Cummins, CCEC Cummins
Alterator: Engga, Marathon, Leroy-somer, Stamford, Faraday
Controller: Deepsea 8610, 7320, 5110, Deepsea 5220/GBS-820; Hassan GU320
Features of cummins engine:
Four strokes, fan turbocharged engine, turbocharged and turbocharger intercooling technology
Unique Cummins PT fuel syatem, high-efficient fuel supply system, four valves per cylinder, direct injection, sufficient combustion, low pollutant emission, reliable, environmental protection, fuel-saving, satisfied for varied emission standards
Low fault rate and maintenance cost, less maintenance hours.
900 KW Cummins Diesel Generator – 900DHFC (900DHFC)
Stock #: GENA081717SEP4
Year: 2017
Engine: Cummins
Fuel Type: Diesel
kW Output: 900
Rating: Stand By
Voltage: 480v
Phase: 3
Hertz: 60
Condition: New
Hours: 171
Mobility: Stationary
Enclosure: None

900 KW Cummins 900DHFC

900 kW Cummins Diesel Generator with 171 hours since new. This Cummins has been recently tested and serviced and is ready to work.

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Data Center Backup Generator (Gen-dc-19)

Managers of data centers offering collocation and cloud services sign contracts guaranteeing 100% up-time. Most engineering types would say that's impossible; however, that kind of guarantee is the cost of doing business in today's market. If the service is anything less than 100%, clients get substantive refunds, and the data center loses credibility.

That could explain why data-center operators will spend millions of dollars on backup power-generation equipment, which more often than not amounts to diesel generator sets similar to the Cummins model pictured above.

To learn more about how these monsters work, I contacted the Cummings Power-Generation Business Unit, which is the division that builds generator sets of all sizes, from Oman RV models on up. At the division headquarters in Minnesota I met Richard Hallahan, Technical Marketing Manager for Data Centers and a certified professional engineer, and he ushered me into a high-tech conference room and asked how he could help.

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) ABB 125A (Pw-ats-125a-abb)

Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) is used which alternating current is no more than
660VAC,and the direct current is 250v.the rated frequency is 50 Hz. The ATS rated current
series is 40A, 63A, 125A, 160A, 200A, 250A, 400A, 630A, 800A, 1000A, divided
up two types with 3 poles and 4 poles. 40A, 63A, 125A, with 2poles.The ATS of 40~125A
is defined with ‘N’; 160~630A is defined with ‘T’; above 630A is defined with “M”.


Air temperature
1) maximum temperature less than+40 Celcius2) minimum temperature is more than
3) The daily maximum temperature less than +35Celcius atmospheric moisture relative
humidity no more than 50% when the maximum temperature is +40Celcius the monthly
maximum relative humidity is 90%can bear humidity from the sea .
Install elevation the elevation of the installation site l less than 2000 m, when used
in the higher sea level, should be consider air dielectric strength
and the cooling effect will be reduced.
Pollution degree the installation site of pollution degree is 3
Installation gradient the installation of ATS onto cabinet, the gradient not more than
(plus-minus) 25Celcius
Flashover distance the flashover distance is 80mm as the alternating current is 380v,
when 660v.the distance is 100mm
Order format:


when main power DC-BUS relay testing voltage signal, (such as loss of power or under
voltage) backup supply DC-BUS relaybegin action, at the same time connecting controlled
timing relay, after delay,connecting middle relay,supplying power for theRectifier
bridge.when driving solenoid coil, switches action of backup battery complete the circuit.
When the main power return normal The voltages relay action. After delay connecting
middle relay, supplying power for Rectifier bridge. The switch action when driving solenoid
Coil. Mains power restoration, backup battery terminal supply at the same time.
SGQ_ ATS CONTROL MODULE ISSUE 2010-02-03 Version 1.0 Page 4 of 9


SGQ and ATS use solenoid coil driving, electric apparatus as linked at same time. The
major loop contact terminals are two static loads, one dynamic Load used “V” tape design.
The “M” type used UNICOIL direct current supply pulse operation, to avoid magnetic coil
under long Operations with live line work.”N” and “T” type used 2 coil direct current supply
pulse operation. The power switching in controller Main power AC220v without other
control power after electromagnetic driving, mechanical electrical linked under connecting
to avoid switching device for main and standby power sources communicated at the same
time so that aroused error.the switch has electric and Mechanism close instructions as
segregation of functions indicator.we also supply two normal open and two normal closed
passive secondary contacts for use of others


SGQ and ATS as main double loop power supply and automatic transfer switch mainly
used for first order load which under state specified standards. it also adapted to
mansion,communication, coal mine and ship,industrial assembly, health and medicine,
military equipment and so on . The main switching power also can be network, auto
starting generator and storage battery, or set by customers. ATS switching time within
80ms.customers can delay according to practical .when the main power and standby
power supply at the same time, the main power preferred.
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